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Elon Goes To Auschwitz, Sportsball Is Over & Soros’ Son Is An Idiot - WW Ep292
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Resistance Will Be Criminalized - FF Ep264

Henrik and Lana talk about the latest lawfare and criminalization of resistance to liberal globohomo. We are also joined by comedian Leonarda Jonie later in the show, this Flashback Friday June 14, 2024.

Nationalism For White People & Activist Persecution in Australia - Joel Davis & Thomas Sewell

Activists Joel Davis and Thomas Sewell join Lana to discuss how Australia opened the doors to mass immigration and their journey into racial awareness. We’ll cover demographics, political persecution of nationalists and mainstreaming mass deportations and nationalism for White people.

Mexico Wants To Deport White Americans?

Lana responds to a video claiming that Mexicans are upset with White Americans who are fleeing to Mexico for a better life.


I downloaded the Locals app on my Roku TV. To my dismay, it wouldn't let me watch Red Ice videos. Is this some restricted feature that can only be unlocked with a certain number of subscribers?

I've noticed the Red Ice videos on Locals are very low resolution, even lower than the lowest resolution on Rumble.
This makes it difficult sometimes to read the content that you share on the screen. Is this a limitation of Locals because of the very small community here?

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